How to Pin from the HCPL Catalog

  1. In the HCPL Catalog, find the title you want to pin to a board
  2. Click on the cover image 
  3. Right click over the enlarged cover image
  4. Select Properties from the drop down menu
  5. Highlight and copy the Address (URL)
  6. In Pinterest, go to the board you are pinning to
  7. Put your mouse over your name and choose Add on the upper right hand corner of the screen
  8. Paste the cover image URL in the box
  9. Click Find Images

  10. Click the Pin It button to choose your image     
  11. In the comment box, write the title and author’s name
  12. Write your name and branch code
  13. Check the board name to make sure you are pinning to the correct board
  14. Click Pin It
  15. When you go back to the board, you can now see your Pin. Next, we must link this pin back to the catalog. Click Edit.
  16. Go back to the catalog and copy the catalog URL of the book or movie you are pinning
    Important-make sure you begin your search for each title from the HCPL homepage. If you search the catalog for a title from somewhere else on our website, the URL will eventually expire and no longer work.
  17. Back in Pinterest, paste the URL in the Link box under Edit Pin
  18. Click Save Changes
  19. That’s it. Now, when somebody clicks your pin, it will take them to the HCPL Catalog record.

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