Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seventh Stop...Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence (SI) describes one's ability to quickly assess the emotions of colleagues and customers and adapt their words and actions accordingly. This skill is important when library staff work with customers and colleagues to complete daily tasks and collaborate on larger projects. Trust and strong working relationships lead to greater productivity and are built through SI.

Social intelligence is natural. We automatically feel empathy for others and SI helps us express it to colleagues and customers throughout the course of our day. SI allows us to focus outwardly so we can pick up on the social cues our customers and colleagues provide asking for help, support, and feedback.

Group Exercise: Name That Emotion


Increase the ability to recognize emotions in co-workers and customers.


Note: This is a group activity. Facilitator must fill out form and list all participants. 

Please choose a facilitator for this exercise. This person will submit the names of participants and the total training time upon completion using the form on Harriet.  Up to 1 hour training credit will be given for this exercise. 
  1. Facilitator Prep: Procure handout listing emotions by filling out this form and make slips of paper for each emotion. 
  2. Five minutes discussion: Why is it important to identify emotions in oneself and others?
  3. Each individual chooses a slip of paper with an emotion.
  4. Work in pairs to act out the emotion for one's partner who is tasked with guessing the emotion.
  5. After pair activity, come back together as large group.
  6. Large group discussion: What were the challenges and rewards in understanding the emotion presented by one's partner? How can this skill be helpful in the workplace? Can group members recall a situation where understanding the emotions of colleagues or customers led to positive outcomes?
  7. Allow 30 minutes for the exercise and 10 minutes for facilitator preparation. 


Team members will increase trust, communication and conflict-resolutions skills through this exercise which should allow for more effective collaboration with colleagues and customers. 

Adapted from Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence by Marcia Hughes and Amy Miller.

When you have submitted the participants at this station, you will receive the your medal and get up to 1 hour of training.  You will have until October 11th to complete this exercise. 

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